World most expensive hotels. "Four seasons hotel"

European capitals, despite all their beauty and unique atmosphere, have long been forgotten quiet and calm.
Noisy and busy city every second recalls itself, but because of the increasing number of tourists, choosing his place of rest, prefers "a" capital : such as an unforgettable Budapest.
Here miraculously combines a European standard of living, beautiful architecture and tranquillity that seemed to be found only in small towns. To fully enjoy Budapest, to feel his spirit, choose a place of stopping the hotel Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace. To book a hotel use online reservation system.
This is a palace built in 1906 by architect Zigmund Kuittnerom. Carefully restored today, Gresham Palace is a beautiful piece of architecture Nouveau, with its intricate forms and lots of small pieces.
Numerous stained-glass windows, mosaics, screw stairs, ironwork furniture, winter gardens with exotic plants are all happy eyes, easily seen and elegance. To these architectural works of art can enjoy beer from all over the world, spent more than a hundred million dollars to turn the Palace hotel, and a worthwhile investment in the project funds.
The Gresham Palace is one of the best online luxury hotel Four Seasons: both decoration, and the infrastructure. 179 rooms and 16 suites harmoniously to continue, given the processing of the hotel (booking), and offers a magnificent view of the Danube and the Buda hills.