The classification of hotels

To date in the hotel there is no single organization hotel services and establishes the level of the hotel. Usually there is a national association of hotels. It also monitors and hotel-compliance. The popular tourist point of view of this is that most of the major hotels trying to enter into a national association that sets standards and certifies their hotels around on the following criteria :

* 1-Standard double room should be around 8-10 m? The spacious locker room, chairs, wash basin, a mirror, two towels for each client. Daily cleaning, changing clothes should be every 7-8 days, towels every 3-4 days. At least two bathrooms on the floor and one toilet for not more than five rooms. To book hotel you can use online systems like

* 2-All the same as in hotels 1 *, only a change of clothes every six days. Toilet and bath usually are in the room. You must also be a restaurant or cafe, as well as provide options for food.

* 3-From * Category 3 or higher in each room must be made available toilet and bathroom, toilet, table stand for luggage, radio, etc. Numbers mostly three-except for the cheapest, with a TV, air conditioning. Floors are usually warm colors. Bed linen is two times a week. Towels are changing every day. The fragrance of your offer only soap. Some hotels can hire an iron. The hotel is located : parking, swimming pool (in resort hotels), a restaurant, bar, business centre, currency exchange. Our staff dressed in uniforms designed for the division. Rooms from 10 to 12 sq.m. It`s the best choice, to book the hotels I recommend to try

* 4-All that 3 * hotels, plus : Normally, minibar, individual air-conditioning, telephone, safe, hair dryer, shampoo, bath gel in each room (usually issued on the day). Changed daily, bed linen and towels. Provides services such as washing, ironing and dry cleaning (with a minimum order-day). Price list can be found at the reception. The room served breakfast menu. The following hotels are : beauty salon, fitness center, car rental, TV-room, a music room, game and meeting rooms, restaurant, sauna, swimming pool, etc. Size of rooms, usually less than 13 sq.m.

* 5 - Same as 4 * hotels, but even better. And sometimes second bathroom in the room and a telephone in the bathroom. Numbers less than 16 sq.m. The hotels-4 * 5 * is a style (apartments), several elevators, all kinds of additional services such as laundry, dry cleaning, breakfast and a dinner later in the number of foreign exchange, call a taxi, selling newspapers, souvenirs and so on. Book best hotels via internet.